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Locations of

Nuv Yug India Fest

Charlotte, NC
March 14-15

Atlanta, GA
March 28

Raleigh, NC
April 11-12


, 2015

Rain or Shine! All Programs Indoors.
FREE Parking in Raleigh and Atlanta. Nominal parking charge in Charlotte and Tampa.
Check specific venue information. Win attractive prizes on Sunday afternoon.

The Nuv Yug Cultural Organization is proud to bring you an unprecedented dazzling entertainment where a large number of performers will take the stage. Raleigh's Nuv Yug India Fest is now the largest such production in the United States of America. 133 groups with 1,526 performers offered non-stop entertainment.

The festival opens on Saturday morning and goes on till Sunday evening. Nuv Yug India Fest 2015 promises to be a spectacular exposition of South Asian culture, and an excellent opportunity the general public to discover Indian cultural arts through a dazzling array of dance, music, fashion, crafts and cuisine. The festival includes various performances by local dance groups, vocalists and musicians of all ages as well as professional performances.

Starting in 2015, Indian communities in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Tampa introduce Nuv Yug India Fest to their own location based on Raleigh's format. Now Nuv Yug India Fest offers a greater opportunity to bring our diverse communities even closer in mutual understanding and respect.

We hope to see you all at Nuv Yug India Fest 2015 at a location near you!

Sample India Fest 2014 Schedule (Headliner info here)

Online registration to participate in the 2015 festival opens in November 2014. We invite you to register early. More details for our online registration system are posted here.

Raleigh's Nuv Yug India Fest is supported in part by the City of Raleigh based on the recommendation of Raleigh Arts Commission. Other Nuv Yug India Fests are supported by respective local communities.



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